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Our Story

Hi, We’re Sharron & Richard Scarff proud owners of a beautiful vintage car.

Every couple who gets married should have the best day of their lives and create many special moments to remember for years to come. We believe a key part of that day is booking luxury transport to take you to your ceremony and reception. Our D6 70 is very rare classic car perfect for weddings and special events.


This elegant and rare coach built car epitomises the luxury, style and deco-dance of the bygone Art Deco period. The car has been expertly restored by a craftsman with a life time of knowledge, care & attention to detail which he used to produce a car of this quality. It's been fully restored to match the original detailing from that period. 

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France's Finest Car | The Delage D6 70

The Delage uniquely combines performance and elegance and symbolises luxury and the fine French taste of a classic automobiles. The Delage D6 was a very popular model back in the 1930's. and the D6 70 model in present day is very rare especially the Drop Head Couple models.

This model was one of the first to have the beloved six-cylinder engine and in that era it boasted real extravagance alongside beautifully crafted interiors and details.

For many people their wedding day is one of the best days of their lives. We want you to travel in real style and enjoy the experience of classic luxury features throughout.

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